Wine of the Week: Ballestero del Maestre Malbec 2009

The year has started with a bang for me and for many others. To make the start of the year a little easier, I have been sipping, yes sipping some wines that has taken me on a long viaje…this time to Argentina.

I haven’t been back to Argentina since 2007. I wrote this post about that trip. That said, Argentina has always remained a country that has me “encantada.” I’m never sure if it is the people and their “Italianized” Spanish, the country, the food, the wine or the tango. Yes, I’ve gone back to tango after many years of sitting on the sidelines.

To toast my recent foray back into the dance, I bought this bottle of Malbec at one of my favorite wine stores, Maslow 6 in Tribeca, NYC, from one of my favorite wine guys, Ken Abel. Ken and I study Spanish together as well so it seemed quite fitting indeed.

This Malbec, nicely priced at under $17, really held its own against a nice steak I made. The tannins were soft and juicy without feeling as if I had put a 2×4 in my mouth While that doesn’t sound very elegant, I am sure you all know exactly what I mean.

The wine was made by Roberto de la Mota, according to my research on the wine. A man to be admired for his wines no doubt and for his resilience.

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