Primo Podcast: Dom and the Somm…Something New

Terence Hughes and I have recently launched a podcast entitled Dom and the Somm. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Terry, you have a treat in store. Terry and his partners run Domenico Selections, an importer of small production Italian wines. Terry, also known as Strappo, is the author of the fabulous blogs, Mondosapore and Muddy Boots.

Terry and I met through a mutual friend, Susanna Crociani, a wine producer from Montepulicano about three years ago. We discovered a shared love of all things Italian, particularly Italian wine and decided to embark on this project together.

We are just getting started so bear with us for a bit. Like fine wine, our podcasts will grow better with each passing week…

We will discuss issues in the wine business, particularly related to Italian wines. We will also have guests on our podcast so if you tire of the two of us, another viewpoint will often be thrown into the mix.

On our maiden voyage, so to speak, we discuss organic wine making in Italy. We have had a variety of experiences and conversations with wine makers in Italy who are using organic methods and as usual, we each have an opinion on the subject and are very happy to share it with you.

We plan to publish every two weeks but, then again, it might not quite work out that way. Insomma, un po’ di flessibilita’…

Click here to listen to Dom & the Somm 1. (26:23).

Buon ascolto!


  1. Ciao, Susannah:
    I really enjoyed hearing the discussion between you and Terry (Dom and the Somm) on organic wines. It was interesting to hear your opinion that organic wines might be a fad while you also mentioned (and rightly so) that many Italian winemakers insist they’ve been doing “organic” for centuries.
    Of course that’s true, since they didn’t have access to modern chemicals and techniques until very recently (A friend in Refontolo (near Conegliano) told me it wasn’t until the ’70s that the area even had tractors) and the cost of such treatments makes it less apealing also.
    But I’ve also met some winemakers who sincerely believe organic or biologico is better for the wine, the soil and the earth. And themselves, too.
    It’s a great topic for much consideration.
    Grazie mille per tutti

    • Thank you. I know there are some Italian wine makers who take bio- dynamic and organic wine making very seriously and I appreciate that. My larger point is that which you mentioned, they have been doing it for centuries on their own and therefore think much of our (US) attention to this is marketing. Anyway, Terry and I are just getting our feet wet. Let me know when you come to New York, you can be our guest. That would be great.

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