Brunello Vote

I am not a huge fan of the whole Brunello controversy story, meaning I am pessimistic that attitudes and habits will truly change in the long run but a fellow blogger Jeremy Parzen on his eclectic and varied blog Dobianchi has been following it assiduously since the beginning. For information on today’s vote, check out his blog. I am amazed in truth how big a story this has been for months now. I guess my feeling is that everyone really knew more or less what was going on. Perhaps not to the extent that was revealed but piu’ o meno. That is no justification for behavior that goes against the rules but still I wonder how many people were truly surprised. I guess we will never know. In any event, clarity reigns once again.

Who knows what the next controversy will be? I’m thinking something about the amount of alcohol on the label, also never quite what it seems. We’ll see. Anyway, while I am not involved in the debate , I do like to know what is going on and faithfully check Jeremy’s blog and other sources for news. I also discovered a blog on Montalcino that I had never seen before, the Montalcino Report by Alessandro Bindocci, certainly a great resource.


  1. Susannah, thanks for stopping by Do Bianchi. I fear that the vote isn’t going to bring the clarity that we are all hoping for but I do think it’s a step in the right direction. Alessandro’s blog is pretty cool and it’s been interesting to get his perspectives and insights.

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