The Wine Academy of Spain in New York

I have had the pleasure of taking a two day seminar with Pancho Campo, the first Master of Wine (MW) from Spain over the past two days. I am hoping to pass a certification examination on Spanish wines tomorrow so I will just write a quick entry. We have had a world wind tour of Spain and I must say I am enthralled. We have tasted numerous wonderful wines from all over the country and many stood out, including Finca Garbet 2004 from Castillo Perelada. This is from the DO Emporda’ located in the North Eastern corner of Spain on the border with France. It was sublime with 40% Syrah and 60% Cabernet Sauvignon. It had a wonderful bouquet of black cherries, chocolate, leather, savory meat and cedar notes. The palate showed more of the same. The wine was balanced and well integrated with firm tannins and good acidity. It made me want to hop on a plane and head to Spain tomorrow morning. I had heard the name of this wine and couldn’t quite place it. Then I remembered that a friend is the importer.

Tina Williford, a friend and colleague from the International Wine Center’s WSET program imports this wine through her company Grape Expectations. Tina was one of the first people I met when I returned to New York and is still the only female wine importer that I know. Her company is based in North Carolina. Tina also turned me on to a group of fabulous sherries and to one specific type, the Palo Cortado. I will write about that another day. Pancho Campo is holding an incredible tasting tomorrow evening of iconic Spanish Wines. If you go to his website there is more information about the event. It looks like it will be outstanding. Campo is also very knowledgeable and informative about climate change and its impact on the wine industry, a fascinating and scary topic. Hopefully, after Nov. 4, we can get on with a serious discussion about climate change and its impact not just on our beloved wine world but on the world in general.

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