Sindrome da rientro

I am suffering from that terrible September malady: la sindrome di rientro or return from holiday blues. I am sure I am not alone.  When I lived in Italy, this malady was much worse because I usually went back to work after a three or four week holiday. September does bring the harvest, lots of wine tastings, delicious fall foods and beautiful foliage. I’m still not ready to put away the summer though and I think I will drink a Rose’ d”Abruzzo by Masciarelli. The rose’ is lovely and filled with cherry and strawberry notes and hints of rose petals. Sadly, this very talented winemaker died earlier this summer at 53. Vinowire wrote about his death at the end of July. His death is a true loss to the Italian wine community. It made all of my little problems seem just that,  little.


  1. very sad…
    will be in Abruzzo soon.

    my friend from there has been gone now for three years. Like I have said from time to time, it must be awful being Italian and have to say goodbye to all of that.

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