Ferrari and Bruce

In addition to being an italophile of the first order, I am also a crazed Bruce Springsteen fan. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my mother to her second Bruce concert. Seeing Bruce 10 minutes away from home, surrounded by thousands of people who love him as I do, is one of the very appealing things about having returned to this area. Before the concert, my mom and I had a toast with a touch of Ferrari, that delicious spumante from Trento made by the Fratelli Lunelli.

It is made with only Chardonnay grapes from a variety of vineyards surrounding the city of Trento. It has that classic Spumante taste to my palate: bread, nuts and yeast. Spumante is the Italian sparkling wine made by the traditional champagne method. I love to celebrate with this wine and have often wondered why Italian spumante hasn’t taken off in the United States to the extent that I think it should. The Prosecco craze is a phenomenon that I think Spumante could repeat. Perhaps it will now that Champagne has gotten so expensive.

Bruce would be a great testimonial I think but I am surely biased. Few things have given me as many hours of unbridled joy as listening to his music. Thank you Bruce. You are and always will be the Boss.


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