Monday Musing: Earth Day Everyday

This week concludes with Earth Day on April 22nd. The whole industry focuses on natural, organic, and biodynamic wines this week. Everyone begins to talk about sustainability, social responsibility, and regenerative agriculture. I wish that this focus would continue throughout the year not just this one week. As for me, I am going to be revising my sustainability podcast from two years ago and covering these issues more in-depth than I have been doing thus far.

It reminds me of International Women’s Day when everyone toasts to women and then the rest of the year, the focus is so much more sporadic.

My hope is that we are all taking these issues very seriously finally and that we speak about them all year.

My recent trip to Vinitaly showed how much more this is a topic of conversation but there is so much work to do and we are running out of time. Let’s all make a conscious effort to make our industry one to admire on all sides.

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