“Forever A Devoted Merlot Fan – #Merlotme”

October is Merlot Month. The Wine Pairing Weekend group has been focusing on Merlot in October for eight years, led by Jeff from Food Wine Click. His preview post on the topic is quite informative. It’s my first time participating in this yearly event. I was so excited to receive my samples.

My first post is about a wine I received from Duckhorn wines, their Decoy Merlot 2019 was made from Napa Valley fruit. This ruby red in color, plush Merlot has loads of black plums, blueberries, and spice. The tannins were fine, with a lush mouthfeel, and a long finish, this Merlot was a good reminder of why I love this grape. It is also lovely that they have a young, female winemaker, Dana Epperson.

I have always loved Merlot. I never gave up on it. In fact, I hated that ridiculous movie that so impacted this grape.

Easy to drink and easier to pair, Merlot is a wonderful choice for expert and novice drinkers alike It’s been a long week so tonight rather than attempt something more interesting, I whipped up a great hamburger with some Zaatar, an herb that I love and some red onion. Simple fare but perfect for this Merlot.

According to Duckhorn’s website, “the 2019 growing season provided picture-perfect growing conditions. Following a cool, wet winter and spring, summer brought perfectly temperate weather that created exceptional flavor development in the grapes. Warm weather during harvest ensured ideal ripeness…resulting in lush and flavorful reds with deep colors and lovely intensity.”

Join us on twitter at 11:00am EDT. Below you will find articles from our group on Merlot.  More articles on Merlot will be coming from our crew so make sure to check back. In the meantime, join us tomorrow, October 8th and use our hashtags, #WinePW and #MerlotMe.


  1. I’ll be opening a Decoy Merlot tomorrow! I, like you, have always loved Merlot. You are so right about it being perfect for experts or novices! It pairs easily and is typically lush and delicious!

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