Spirited Tuesday: Yellowstone Bourbon Whiskey

I’ve decided to include a new series on this blog, about Spirits. Spirits as we know are all the rage and have been for many years. I’ve always been behind the curve with both Spirits and Cocktails. That said, I did get my Certified from the Society of Wine Educators as a Spirits Specialist some years ago. I have some of my go to Spirits but others are newer for me.

I bought this Bourbon in November for my Mother although I’m really the one drinking it. This Bourbon features blends of 5 and 7 year-old bourbons. This Kentucky whiskey has gorgeous notes of spice, caramel, vanilla, cedar, tar, and butterscotch. This treat from  Limestone Branch came into my home as an offshoot from the TV series Yellowstone. My Mom and I watch it together and I had a fantasy we would be sharing a Bourbon while watching. I do drink the Bourbon but I she’s not yet joining this part of the party. This Seventh Generation Distiller has been making Bourbon for 200 years.

The family who started this distillery is related to the beginnings of the business in Kentucky. In 1795, Jacob Beam was the first to sell corn whiskey. Seven generations later, Stephen and Paul Beam created Limestone in 2011.

I started drinking this Bourbon because of the TV show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. However, this Bourbon was first introduced in 1872 and is named after the National Park. Limestone Branch donates a portion of these profits to National Parks Conservation Association.

The blend is a combination of open-pollinated white heirloom corn, rye, and malted barley. They use a recipe that they got from their grandfather. They also use a yeast strain that was used by their grandfather and great-grandfather.

I thought Bourbon was perfect for May Day, International Workers Day which is celebrated today in many countries throughout the world.

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