Spirited Tuesdays: Negroni

This spirited Tuesday I am writing about a gin cocktail that I so wish I loved but don’t, the Negroni. When I lived in the MIlan, I always had sparkling wine during l’aperitivo or almost always, rarely a Negroni – a typical Milanese cocktail and sometimes a Negroni sbagliato – a version of the Negroni. Gin makes me mean so the Negroni has never been a favorite. I would love to move beyond that but it’s been a long time that I have had that reaction.

All the hype about the Negroni here in the States just as about Fernet Branca seems pretty ridiculous to me considering there is nothing more common all over Milan although bartenders here are making it their own, look at the wealth of recipes in the above links. The same is true about the Spritz from the Veneto, another incredibly common cocktail in the Veneto that has become all the rage here in the USA.

I hadn’t had a Negroni in a long time when one was sent to me with a cheese packet in the fall. I forgot about it until today. Since I feel like having something a little stronger than my usual fare, I am going to taste it.

It’s been marinating in my fridge for a while so expectations are low but I am enjoying the bitter Campari notes. While Gin has never been my favorite, Campari and other bitter libations are dear to my heart.

I found this article which gushes about where to get the best Negroni. They call it an American cocktail, maybe I am missing something but I think it’s decidedly Milanese. What they mean is that it started as a twist on what was called an Americano in Italy. Check out this post for the history behind the drink.

I’ve been thinking about a Negroni since November when I was in Eataly Flatiron sitting at the Negroni bar. Now they have something called Bar Milano. I may just have to visit. Anyway, I’m kind of digging this one at home so thank you @Sopexa for sending a Negroni in the mail….

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