Monday Musing: Organizing Samples

This Monday Musing is a reflection on wine samples, photos, tasting notes and the like. When I was in my teens, my summer goals were to get tan, have long nails, and other frivolous items like that. Lighthearted goals that is. As an adult in the wine world, my goal is always to get organized.

How to organize wine samples, tasting notes, ideas, photos, has always been difficult for me. My ad hoc system leaves much to be desired and I’m always in search of the next way to declutter my life, inbox, and apartment. I still like paper, cart around papers of all kinds, and like to write my notes by hand.

I am loathe to ever throw away a brochure that I might just want one day or even a tasting sheet I’ve already written about. Yet, the pandemic has changed me in this regard. Now I just want to be organized, get rid of stuff, and know where everything is. So, my question is, what is your system? How is it going? What works and what doesn’t? I’d love to hear from anyone/everyone their strategies.

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