Wine Wednesday: Domaine La Décelle

AOC Côtes du Rhônes Villages Valréas, 2018 Riserve

This Wine Wednesday is the perfect moment to write about one of the wines I received from the Côtes du Rhône. This particular wine came from the Domaine La Décelle, an AOC Cotes du Rhone Villages Valreas Riserve from 2018/ It is a lovely blend of Grenache and Syrah. Fruit forward with soft fine tannins, it has lovely aromas of black and red fruit, currants and blackberry, together with a touch of spice, tar, and an herbal quality that is reminiscent of forest floor.

It has a long and persistent finish with a nice backbone of acidity to balance out the sweet fruit notes. This wine would pair well with a mushroom dish for vegetarians or with a meat based dish for your carnivore relatives. For those in between, I can also see pairing it with a cheese plate and if desired, charcuterie. There is a sweetness to this wine that suggests you could even have a piece of chocolate and a glass of this to finish off your meal.

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The Domaine is located in the village of Valréas. The Lavau family purchased the estate in 2010. The Lavau family have a long history of winemaking in France, having started their journey in Saint-Emilion. They continued with pther properties in France and in Tunisia. The new generation decided on the purchase of the Domaine that is the subject of of today’s post. They have 82 hectares which includes parcels of the town of Valréas. The size of the property and the different elevations allow them to make a wine with complexity and structure. The soils range from clay to limestone and the property benefits from good diurnal temperature swings. The vineyards are at 320 meters above sea level.

The wine pyramid has a large base made from the Côtes du Rhône regional appellation with the Côtes du Rhône Villages (with or without village name) on a higher rung. This wine was from a named area and the quality was absolutely evident in the glass both on the nose and the palate.

I always think of the Côtes du Rhônes as a source of quality, affordable wines that check many boxes and fit into many people’s budgets, taste profiles, and food choices. This wine was soundly in that category and I would happily have it as a house staple going forward.

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