Cider Discoveries: Dunkerton’s Black Fox Organic Cider

Earlier this summer I received a package with ciders from three countries: Spain, the UK, and France. Last week I wrote about the Sidras from Asturias in Spain from Bodega Mayador. This week I am writing about an organic cider from Dunkerton’s. The samples were generously provided by Wine Sellers Ltd. I have just started an anti-inflammatory diet and am looking for lower alcohol wines and libations so cider is perfect. Also I just finished a 10-week podcast series with my co-host vegan wine expert Sunny Gandara and it has got me thinking a lot about organics and vegan wines. This cider certainly fits the bill. Ivor and Susie Dunkerton developed the cidery because of a passion for organic products in 1980. They were the first to be certified to Soil Association standards, according to their importer’s website. They hold licenses for their orchards, growers, and production. The cider is gluten free and okay for both vegans and vegetarians.

In terms of its taste profile, it was golden in color with honey, mead notes on the palate and a hint of citrus and acidity. It had verve and was a little racy which I appreciated with the aged pecorino cheese I paired with it. Quite unexpected, I think I may become a cider groupie and I feel that I am off to a good start.

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