Monday Musings: Weather Concerns


Today’s Monday Musing is about the weather. I don’t know about your but I am more worried than I have ever been about the weather. It’s not just the flooded basement or waterlogged fig tree that worries me but the vines and the crops and wondering what is happening with our planet. It’s hard to know how to react to what I see outside of my door. On the one hand everything is green and glowing but on the other, this can’t be good for planning and for all kinds of grape vines in so many parts of the world. I don’t have an answer to these queries I am just ever more concerned with the state of the weather and the climate, which as we know are two different things. The climate is what an area is supposed to be like traditionally – maritime, Mediterranean, continental, alpine, etc. While weather is the craziness that is happening now. I just read that we had a tornado warning in Northern New Jersey. I don’t think that has ever happened here.

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