Monday Musings: Chilling Red Wines


Chilling red wines is still considered a faux pas by most serious wine drinkers although I would argue that not only is this an outdated concept but that some of these wines are meant to be drunk with a slight chill if not cold.

My thinking for the Monday Musings is about which red wines I would drink with a slight chill on them. Certainly Lambrusco is one that comes to mind. I did a tasting this weekend in which I opened three bottles of Lambrusco is demonstrate differences and I did not use a Coravin, can you with frizzante wines?

Happily I thought a couple were even better a little cold on a very hot summer day. It’s so refreshing as well when a producer shares that idea as Luca Formentini did in a recent chat on Clubhouse about how Groppello, a red wine from Lake Garda, benefitted from a slight chill as well.

I wonder how many wines fit in this category. Thinking about the success of Rose wines, I imagine we will all come around to this idea at some point. It’s taken me a long time to feel this way.

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