Two Versions Of TxaKoli, Perfect Summer Wines


The #WorldWineTravel group is heading to Basque Country today and I am super excited. For the occasion, I bought a couple of versions of Txakoli, which I think is the perfect wine for summer. Light on the palate, on the wallet, and with a bit of bubbles. In addition our host Jill Barth’s writing about Basque Country on her platform, L’Occasion, here’s a primer that I like about Txakolina as a wine.

Basque Country is one of the four regions in what is known as Green Spain. It has a maritime climate In Basque country, everything is about two specific varieties, either alone or blended together – Hondarabbi Zuri is the white grape and Hondarabbi Beltza is the red one. The first one has small bunches and berries, is prone to wind damage and makes delicate, aromatic, refreshing wines with aromas and flavors of white citrus and flowers with lovely minerality and a hint of thyme.

I loved both of these wines. The first from Hiruzta was a blend of the two grapes, 60%/40%. I found the wine at Astor. It had great acidity and paired well with light fare such as flounder as well as with nuts.

The second wine was from Uriondo located in the village of Zaratramo. Roberto Ibarretxe and his brother planted vines in 1982 for the first time. The wine is one of the first to revive Txakolina production and they helped found the Bizkaiko Txakolina DO.

The family has a small vineyard, just 2.5 hectares and they are quite impacted by the Atlantic. Soils are a combination of clay and sand. The is made from Hondarabbi Zuri and two other very rare grapes in stainless steel – Mune Mahatsa and Txori Mahatsa. They use indigenous yeasts and the wines are vegan too. The name of the winery comes from the neighborhood where they are located.

I’ve only been to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim but I can’t wait to get back to this area for the wine and foods.

Check out the blogs of my fellow travelers to see what else is happening in this area.


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  1. I find it interesting that these two wineries in different DOs on opposite ends of the region use the same font for their labels. Is this a popular writing style there? Thanks also to you, now whenever I drink Txakoli I will be hearing Velvet Underground in my head.

  2. Two more Txakolinas for me to lookout for! They sound lovely! I would also love to get back here. When we went to Spain, we didn’t make it up to the Basque country, so it’s big on my to-do list!

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