Wine Wednesday: Fossenvue’s 1848 2018 Diamond Pétillant Naturel

Fossenvue Winery

This week’s Wine Wednesday is about a winery from the Finger Lake region of New York, Fossenvue Winery. The wine is called 1848 and is a 2018 Diamond Pétillant Naturel. It was made in the Methode Ancestrale tradition and was not disgorged. They out it in a bottle at the end of the alcoholic fermentation.

The wine is quite cloudy and amber colored. It was bottle at the end of alcoholic fermentation and is an unfiltered wine which is why it is cloudy.

On the nose it has apple and pear notes and floral undertones. On the palate, it is rich and creamy with low alcohol and good acidity. It also has the feeling that you are drinking a wine infused with honey. The small, fine bubbles add to the refreshing nature of this wine.

The wine was a great end to my day and I enjoyed it both on its own but also with some fruit and dried nuts. I also love the name and what it stand for.

I tasted the wine before I read about the family that made this wine. The Martin Family started their lives as beekeepers, honey makers and mead producers. They have been winemakers for 15 years. The first winery they founded is called the Montezuma Winery.

The Fossenvue Winery which used to be called Kings Garden Vineyards is one of their latest projects. Their first winery on Seneca Lake was the Idol Ridge Winery which they bought about 5 years ago. The Martin’s make honey, fruit, sweet and dry wines. Having tasted this one, I am curious to try others.

The wine is made from 100% Diamond and has very high acidity, 9.3 g/l and low alcohol 9.8% ABV.

I have never tried Diamond. It’s the second or third hybrid grape I am writing about this year. Diamond is a white hybrid from New York State made from a cross of Concord and Iona. Iona is a hybrid itself made from Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Labrusca grape varieties. The Finger Lakes AVA is today the place to find the most wines made with Diamond.

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