Monday Musings: Which Social Media Channel Do Wineries Need Most?

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For today’s Monday Musings, I am thinking about social media and wineries, I am wondering which channels people see as most important. Clearly the centerpiece of the platform needs to be a winery website. Around the website are all the other channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn certainly. Then perhaps YouTube and TikTok. Now we all have to be on Clubhouse as well and have a podcast. Since most of the winery staff is doing other activities oriented towards the production of wine, who is responsible for these channels? Often it’s a dedicated family member, a young hire or an intern. Or maybe they have a dedicated agency. Often when I am on a winery website, I find that it’s hard to download photos or to find up-to-date tech sheets. One of my biggest pet peeves is blogs that may no longer be active but are still on the website menu.

The pandemic has given us all time to focus more on digital communication, it would be great if on the other side of this which seems perhaps on the horizon in some ways, these aspects of communication can be taken care of. It’s more important than ever to be on top of it but no one needs to do it alone. All of the platforms have classes about how to use them, there are scores of people offering expertise and online dedicated calendar software.

What do you think the most important channel is? Love to hear your thoughts.

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