Monday Musings: Coravin

Last summer I bought myself a Coravin. I got a wonderful discount thanks to my membership in the Society of Wine Educators. I left it sitting in its box for four months. I was terrified to use it and cowed to ask for help. I know, ridiculous, but true. Then I used it and became addicted. Sometimes I have to open 12 bottles for a seminar I am hosting. I am living with other people but they couldn’t possibly help me with that much wine. Coravin was a gift from heaven. Then I broke the needle. Then a second needle. Luckily I had bought the pack of four needles. Now the body has come off of the device and I am terrified again. This is a call for help. Can someone tell me how to put the body back on my favorite device in the world. Or do I have to bit the bullet and call them. I finally understand my Dad never asking for help about certain things. Live and learn, we are more like our parents apparently than I thought. Seriously though, I need a Coravin doctor because I am doing something wrong.

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