Election Sips II: I Due Gatti

As I watch election results, I am drinking a wine I made in 2016. It was a Zinfandel that I made from grapes I bought from Lodi, California. Through the past 14 years, I have made wine most years, in September by buying grapes from a local purveyor. I ferment the wines, rack them and eventually bottle them with or without sulfites. Most years I make a red and a white. The above label is for my whites and the below is for my red wines.

One reason I choose this wine to drink is because it has no sulfites and I thought I would drink too much of it as I watched election results roll in. I had very different ideas about how the night was going to go but am still up and still watching. My big furry boys have both now moved into another dimension. Pumpkin passed away yesterday after a couple of hard months but an amazing and long life. Percy passed away in April but their legacy lives on in our hearts and on our label.

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