Monday Musings: Dry January

I love the concept of “dry January” when people and many beverage professionals swear off the drink for a month and cleanse themselves. I know I am one of the people who could use a dry January. I know this because I just came back from a trip in which we tasted loads of wine everyday and I came home feeling sluggish and in need of a detox. I did that for a week – lost weight, at the end of January and felt great but missed wine so much I drank 2/3s of a bottle at dinner with family on Friday night. I felt awful all weekend and am again not having any alcohol for a week before an important trip next week.

I have realized in the past – particularly when I was pregnant and not imbibing – how much wine means to me both professionally and socially and how difficult it is when I am not drinking it to do many of the activities I love. When not having alcohol during the week, I realized that I am craving sugar and dessert. I never look at a glass of wine and see sugar but of course, that’s part of what’s in that glass. Not drinking brings out these cravings in me and I needed to understand why so I’m thinking and reading a lot about it. I am by no means giving up on the beverage¬† I love but this year, 2019, I’m more conscious than ever about the need for moderation and attention to what I’m doing so as to feel good physically. Dry January is definitely in my future.

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