Wine Wednesday: Chateau d’Oupia Les Heretiques Pays D’Herault 2016

This Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Chateau d'Oupia's Les Hérétiques Pays D'Herault 2016. Made with old vine Carignan, it is lovely with dark plum fruit aromas, earth and spice in the mix. According to the website of their importer, Louis Dressner, "half of the wine is fermented in barrel with a maceration of 30 days.... Continue Reading →


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Notardomenico Nero

This week's variety is called Notardomenico Nero. I've skipped around in the N varieties not going completely in order but I will correct that before the end of the year. I have 8 very important grape varieties that start with N, maybe I can finish before the end of the year. Let's see. Today's variety... Continue Reading →

Milano – Sant’Ambroeus

One of the parts of Italian life I miss most is the concept of "ponti" or long weekends where you go on a "gita fuori porta" meaning you take a brief but exciting trip to another city or country. At the beginning of the year, everyone begins counting how many long "ponti" there are in... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Pearl Harbor, Family, Milan

I’d like to repost this blog I wrote some years ago. I always think of the fallen at Pearl Harbor on this day.



December 7th is always a strange day. On the one hand, I think of Pearl Harbor, the day that will live in infamy and how the USA got into World War II and all that that meant and all the lives that were lost on this day. My great Uncle was at Pearl Harbor. It was the signature event of his lifetime. His license plate even spoke of it.

On the other, I think of my adopted city of Milan which celebrates its patron saint on this day, Sant’Ambrogio. I lived in Milan for about 10 years so I got very used to its people, their culture and habits. In fact, I feel like I too should be having a long holiday weekend as my friends in Italy are doing at this time. December 7th is also the start of Opera season in Milan at La Scala. It is also…

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