Monday Musings: Holiday Wine Gifts

This week I have been thinking about wine as a holiday gift. I always bring wine when going to a dinner party or when invited to someone’s home but I don’t always give it as a gift. When I do gift a wine, it’s usually because I know someone is a fan of a particular region or style of wine. Thinking about what one could offer as a wine gift, I have compiled a brief list of five items that I think would work for almost anyone.

1. Sparkling wines: Sparkling wine is always a festive gift. There are so many types of sparklers now that you can get inexpensive but excellent choices, or spend a little more and get a fabulous bottle. They range from Champagne to Cremant in France, Sekt from Germany, Cava and other sparkling wines from Spain, American bubbles of all kinds as well as all of the Italian Sparklers I love – Asti, Franciacorta, Trento DOC, Lambrusco, Prosecco DOC and DOCG, Altalanghe which is harder to find, Durello even harder to grab but delicious as well as a host of indigenous grapes made into bubbles.

2. Fortified wines: Port or Madeira would be at the top of my list. Tawnys are wonderful as are Colheitas which are vintage specific for special gifts.

3. Decanters: They are often welcome gifts even for those that don’t drink wine that often but may like to have them on hand for a special evening.

4. Openers: There are so many openers for wine bottles. I collect them so it is a passion of mine. Many people swear by the Coravin. I don’t own one yet but am considering it.

5. Wine Books: There are many new books published each year as well as the all-time favorites with which you can never go wrong.

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