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I’m finally heading out to Portland and I remembered this post I had written. I don’t know that I will be able to meet Julia but it’s fun to revisit posts from the past and people you meet along the way. Looking forward to trying lots of great wines and meeting new and old friends at the Society of Wine Educators conference next week.


On Fridays I have been trying to write about women in the wine industry. At first this column was only going to be about Italian women in wine but then I discovered the wonderful world of women in the industry right here in the US.

In March I met Julia of the great blog Wine Julia. We met at the Snooth PVA weekend for bloggers in New York during a Peking Duck/Oregon wine pairing. Julia actually hails from Oregon so she was pretty much in the know about all of the different wines from that part of the world. I also discovered after chatting that she used to own a wine bar and then became a writer. I am always interested in how different people get into the wine industry and from which angle. I love the 1/2 day vacation posts that Julia writes. I’m about to take…

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