Wine Wednesday: Old Vines Great Reserva 2013 from Teoria Winery in Douro Valley (Portugal)


During my recent trip to the Douro Valley in September, we visited 15 wineries, four a day. As most press people know, that isn’t too many wineries, often you are asked to visit twice that number in one day. Yet even if it is only four wineries, journalists are never the same at the start of the day as they are at the end of it.


I know this from first hand experience, as the organizer of press trips and as a participant of other press trips led by different agencies. The mix of how many wineries, which wineries and where to take people is never easy. Couple that with people’s desire to read and check their own email and maybe do some work, it is a often a delicate balancing act. All of that said, these are first world wine writer problems as Gabe Sasso from Gabe’s View mentioned to me in an email weeks ago.


This week’s wine of the week is from a winery called Teoria. They are a young winery in the Douro, having started in 2010. They have four hectares. Located in Celeiró, in the Cima Corgo, the winery is owned by the couple in the picture, both are winemakers. Their winery was our last on one of the days we were traveling. Everyone was pretty tired and not as enthusiastic as we might have been at a different hour. That is until we met this couple and their smart daughter. They were lovely and their winery was in the most amazing location.


They had a hammock out back and frankly, I would have loved to stay there and sleep for an hour. It would have been great to have a picnic overlooking the vines as well. Their property was small but they had big plans and were doing it all on their own, building the infrastructure piece by piece.


I loved their can do spirit and found it to be an extremely relaxing place to hang out. They make five wines with the Douro DOC designation. Three reds and two whites. My favorite was their Teoria Old Vines Great Reserva 2013 made from port varieties Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz. They couldn’t say the exact percentages because it was a field blend.

The wines had good acidity and minerality coming from the terroir. It was full bodied with big tannins, juicy fruit and lots of spice coming from the Touriga Nacional. It was a young wine when we tried it and I would like to see how it develops in a few years. Rosa, one of the winemaker-owners, is a wine judge. This wine in particular probably does well in competitions and would certainly please some American palates.


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