Recovering from the Society of Wine Educators Tour de Force


As usual I was overly ambitious about what I can accomplish in a short amount of time. I have not been blogging everyday but I am thinking about it every day at least. I often need to think and plan my way into things. Like most busy and ambitious people, I’ve got lots of projects going on at the same time but I also like to take time to think and assess what I have seen and learned of late. The Society of Wine Educators conference that I attended last week is always the beginning of the school year if you will. It always serves to renew my interest and commitment to the field and peaks my curiosity about new parts of the busy I am less familiar with. Case in point this year were seminars on indigenous Spanish varietals being restored by the Torres family, the Chinese wine market in Ningxia , Canadian wine and older vintages of Chilean Cabernet. That was just the last day I think. There are so many interesting sessions to attend that my mind is often racing as is my palate. This coming few weeks will see posts on some of the sessions I attended, all worthwhile and interesting. The conference is a great way to learn, see friends and make new ones.

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