Wine Wednesday: 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon From Kenwood Vineyards


This week’s wine of the week is from Kenwood Vineyards. They sent me a sample to commemorate a Jack London occasion. Jack London and White Fang and books of that nature remind me of my Dad and my nephew. The wine though was more up my alley. I really enjoyed it and found the Cabernet to be elegant and restrained despite a clear use of oak and the high alcohol content (14.5%). I imagine it is the mountain fruit that allows it to seem restrained and elegant and not overly jammy or pumped up as much California Cabernet seems to me. A friend and I had it with pasta and it didn’t overwhelm our palates. Generally I would expect a California Cabernet to need more hearty fare but luckily this one didn’t. Kenwood Vineyards owns the Jack London Ranch which is located on the western slope of Sonoma Valley in Glen Ellen, California. The soils there are red and volcanic  and were first planted in the late 1800’s.

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