Literary Greats – Umberto Eco and Harper Lee

Some people read the wedding pages or style section but I read the obituaries on a pretty regular basis. Actually it’s a family habit and we often comment to each other about the lives that people have lived. I’m not sure when I started reading them so assiduously but it’s been a long time. This past week saw the passing of two literary greats, Harper Lee and Umberto Eco. I will never forget either of the books for which they are both so famous, To Kill a Mocking Bird and In the Name of The Rose. Both books were also made into wonderful movies. The latter was a movie I remember watching in Dijon during my junior year abroad. It really stuck with me for many years. That now seems like a very long time ago and the beginning of my formal wine study. Living in Burgundy at 20 gave me a wonderful opportunity to drink fantastic wine early on. I also was able to travel throughout France. One part of that life  that I always remember was starting a meal with a Kir or a Kir Royal.  I love Kir Royal with Creme de Cassis and Champagne or just a Kir with Cassis and Aligote’. I have also seen recipes using Chambord. Since I have no pictures of Cassis, although I did visit and do remember the cliffs called Falaises there, I do have one from Chambord.Chambord

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