Monday Musings: David Bowie’s Passing


Last week it was a youngish friend, today it’s David Bowie and my 97 year old great Aunt. Life is very fragile and I am endlessly reminded of that as time goes by. Having a young son I think also puts it all into focus. Of course, I never knew David Bowie but his music was part of my past and his passing saddens me. He was one of those artists who were always able to recreate themselves and seemed somewhat immortal. I have no idea what he liked to drink but I could imagine it being some Rum in a mixed drink or straight. If memory serves, he owned a home on the island of Mustique at one point. This painting by Gaugin reminds me of him. In a previous life as a financial reporter for Dow Jones I remember writing about Bowie bonds.

Closer to home and to my heart, my great aunt Mollie was someone I never met but I am reminded of my grandmother who I loved greatly and whom I miss and wish were still here.

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