New World Wine: San Francisco’s Japantown & Hello Kitty Wines

I am reposting this for this Wine Wednesday. I just finished the 2015 tour with Morellino di Scansano and Montecucco and I was reminded of this trip in 2013 and these crazy Hello Kitty wines.

Yesterday, October 2, 2012 was Gandhi’s birthday and is celebrated as the International Day of Non-violence. I know this fact because of a client I work with, an NGO. Gandhi has always fascinated me and along with Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, he is one of my heroes. I wish the day were more widely celebrated and that non-violence was a way of life everywhere in the world.

Waking up in Japantown in San Francisco this morning was a perfect way to start my own celebration, despite the early hour. I was celebrating the full moon with a moon cake that my taxi driver brought me at 530am. He was Chinese but grew up in Vietnam after the Civil War in China. So many stories, so much war. Apparently, the moon cake is a good omen.

There is a true sense of peace and calm that reigns over the…

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