Tenuta Di Blasig- Auguri 1788-2008

This was I believe my very first post on Avvinare, seven years ago. My writing has faded because of family obligations but I am still determined to keep my hand in the blogosphere. I just read quickly through 100 blogs for a client and I am impressed with how people maintain blogs, day jobs, families, a home, pets and a sense of humor. I never had much of the latter which is why my posts are always so “informative” rather than witty or funny but that said, I do admire those that have it all together. In the meantime, I am still drinking copious amounts of wine and hoping to write about them. Another reason I find it hard to write, in addition to my one year old, is that so much is going on in the world that is heartbreaking. I sometimes find it hard to write about wine after seeing the scenes of physical devastation in Calfornia, Utah and Piacenza (natural causes) or the torrent of refugees (man-made). Anyway, on this beautiful final Friday of the Summer I will be participating in a Spanish Snooth virtual tasting. Maybe it will kick off a new season. Saludos.

Vino, Donne e Canto

“Se uno non ama il vino, la donna ed il canto, pazzo rimane per l’intera vita” Martin Luther

Tenuta di Blasig celebrated 220 years of activity today with an impressive fete with soloists from the Vienna Philarmonic, dance and jazz as well as lectures on the Ronchi dei Legionari area by an interesting group of professors. Elisabetta Bortolotto Sarcinelli kindly invited me to the festa but alas alack, I could not attend. Today therefore seems like a good day to publish a very long post on Elisabetta and her winery.

I met Elisabetta at Vinitaly in 2007. I was trying wines at a stand nearby and was pulled over to try her wines as well. She was gorgeous and very tall. I was immediately struck by her beauty and by her German-accented Italian. I actually thought she was from Austria or Germany and spoke Italian very…

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