Sindromo da Rientro – Back to Work


As September rolls around, I am afflicted with that not so terrible malady: il Sindromo da Rientro – back to work after the end of vacation. This year I had a short vacation on Cape Cod, a place that I absolutely adore. Lot of fun with family and many first forays for piccolo Niccolo’ – my baby. Now however, it’s time to get back to work, client work and writing. I miss the blog when I don’t write and apparently no one reads it if I don’t update it very frequently. Today I spent a long time on other people’s blogs looking at what they do for a client. I’ve rediscovered so many talented writers and am amazed at how they find the time to have day jobs, families and update their blogs so regularly. I need to take some lessons in time management it seems. Two blogs that I happily read today were Vindulge and Another Wine Blog. I met the two ladies behind those bliogs years ago at a Snooth blogger event. Kudos to them for all the great writing and their ability to juggle various life commitments.


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