Wine of the Week: The Seeker Malbec from Argentina

This week’s pick for my wine of the week is a Malbec from Argentina from a “global wine brand” called the Seeker. The wines are distributed by Kobrand and they have very extensive information about the wine on their site.

What can I add to this description of the wine? A perfect pairing for it and the perfect restaurant to try this Malbec – Bonarda – Cabernet Sauvignon blend, Picnic Market on the Upper West Side. It is an Alsatian Bistro with a very relaxed Columbia University faculty crowd and the best steak frites I have had in a long time. They have a special every Wednesday and Thursday night and this week, I tried the steak with the Malbec. Last week, I paired it with a Beaujolais Village, also a lovely pairing. The spicy notes from the pepper on the steak matched perfectly the spice in this juicy Malbec which spends one year aging in oak barrels.

Bonarda is a grape which I have always more or less ignored but I recognize the fresh fruit and floral notes that it brings to a wine. I usually associate Bonarda with wines from the Colli Piacentini, not with Argentina.

It has been ages since I have had a wine with a majority of Malbec, some 85%, that I enjoyed from Argentina. I wrote about Argentina some years ago in this post after I came home from a visit to Mendoza. It was a special trip and I haven’t been back since but I am hoping to change that soon.

The Seeker is friendly and pleasing, easy on the palate and the wallet, always a winning combination. I’m back to all things Argentinean lately after having finally been able to go back to dancing tango and studying Spanish. It all works together in my mind – Malbec, Tango and Spanish – just like this wine and the steak frites.

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