Last Dance – Raising A Glass To Donna Summer

I just heard the news, Donna Summer died. How odd. First Whitney and now Donna Summer. I’m feeling sad, odd and thinking about things I haven’t thought of in 20+ years.

Appropriately, I just had a meal at a TGI Friday’s. Something I haven’t done in 20+ years either with an average Cabernet. I am randomly in Texas, waiting for a flight to New Mexico and I just read the news.

I will always remember Donna Summer’s song Last Dance as the end of the night. The song you felt silly dancing to and singing but you did it anyway whether at a bar mitzvah or a Sweet 16 or the Prom.

I know some dear high school friends of mine are thinking these same thoughts. We were in high school in the 1980s but for some reason, the Queen of 1970s disco was still popular.

I’m sad to hear of her death. She gave me many hours of joy and that lovely feeling when you want the moment to continue but you have to accept that it’s done.

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