Ciao Lucio!

Sometimes a song touches your heart in a way that nothing else does. Well almost nothing else.

Whenever a musician dies, we are lucky to have their music to listen to, even if we can’t see them perform any longer.

I was reminded of that this morning when the news about Lucio Dalla hit me this morning at 300am when I read a beautiful article that a friend had written about his experiences taking Dalla to see the Enoteca di Siena, many years ago.

My first memory of Dalla’s music was dancing in the streets of a town called Monteriggioni to Attenti al Lupo during a harvest festival in September 1991.

I have also always loved this song, L’Anno Che Verra’.

Dalla died suddenly will be missed by legions of people of all generations and ages.

His music has been somewhat of a “colonna sonora” or theme music throughout my memories, popping back up at necessary moments. His albums were among the first that friends gave me, in cassettes, when I first moved to Italy.

Italy to me is so much more than what I write about on this blog as I’m sure it is to millions of others. For me, it’s about friends, quasi-family, 20+ years of my life and growing up. It’s also about music, meals, art and experiences. Long conversations that stay in your heart and soul and music.

I will be very happy to be back in Italy in just a few weeks and be able to see old friends and touch that part of my soul.

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