Haiti, Wordsworth, Donate What You Can

This is a wine blog but I don’t feel like writing about wine today but rather urging people to donate whatever little or a lot of money that they can to the disaster relief in Haiti. I bear watching the news about what is happening and that feeling of impotence in the face of a disaster of such proportions.

My ever loving dad mentioned this poem to me by Wordsworth and I thought I would post it. The last stanza reflects that while Toussaint will likely die in prison, his legacy will live on and people won’t forget him or the country he created. Let’s heed that call and not forget Haiti.

To Toussaint L’Ouverture

By William Wordsworth


Toussaint, the most unhappy man of men

Whether the whistling Rustic tend his plough

Within thy hearing, or thy head be now

Pillowed in some deep dungeon’s earless den;

O Miserable Chieftain! Where and when

Wilt thou find Patience? Yet die not; do thou

Wear rather in thy bonds a cheerful brow:

Though fallen thyself, never to rise again,

Live, and take comfort. Thou hast left behind

Powers that will work for thee; air, earth, and skies;

There’s not a breathing of the common wind

That will forget thee; thou hast great allies;

Thy friends are exultations, agonies,

And love, and man’s unconquerable mind.

One comment

  1. Millions have lost everything in the quake – homes, food, jobs! For the next 12 months, the World Food Programme says 2 million people will need critical food assistance! If you want to help and learn more about the crisis response, go to: http://wfp.org/crisis/haiti> or you can text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a $5 donation.

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