Georges Duboeuf Wine Tasting – Summer in a Glass

Georges and Franck Duboeuf

I wrote a long piece for the The Gourmet Retailer Blog about a tasting I attended in late April of Geoges Duboeuf’s wines. It was a wonderful event where we were able to taste a number of the Beaujolais Crus. I wanted to post some photos of the event on this blog. Please check out the post if you have time.

A group that promotes Beaujolais known as Les Campagnons Du Beaujolais offered a beautiful cake to Georges Duboeuf to celebrate his 76th birthday. The cake referenced all of the 10 Beaujolais Cru. Truly beautiful, it was delicious as well.

Birthday Cake

A few friends in the wine business have been inducted into the society including Cynthia Cheng from Find Your Craving and Michael Schaefer, a wine judge, educator and salesman.

My favorite Beaujolais Cru of the evening was the Chiroubles. It was an elegant and refined expression of the Gamay grape.

Summer has arrived and I intend to add Beaujolais Crus to my summer wine list. They are also easy on the wallet, always a joy.


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  1. Hello Susannah. Have just found your excellent blog.In addition to teaching people about wine, my husband writes poetry and has created a wonderful collection celebrating the Beaujolais cru. Keep up the good work! Warm regards. Jackie Butterwick

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