Italian Indigenous Varieties: Mayolet from Valle d’Aosta

This week's Italian indigenous grape variety hails from the Valle d'Aosta and is called Mayolet. It is usually found in blends with Petit Rouge and Oriou Gros. It can usually be found in the DOC wine called Torrette. Les Cretes has a wonderful version of this wine. It also can be made into a monovarietal... Continue Reading →


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Crovassa Nera from Valle d’Aosta

Crovassa Nera is a red grape variety that hails from the Valle d'Aosta. It is said to produce a delicate and medium-bodied wine with a slightly astringent note and modest alcohol. The grape is a large one that is not particularly impacted by parasites. I couldn't find a lot of information about about the grape... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bonda

Italy, as we all know, has more indigenous varieties than almost any other nation. This is true throughout that beautiful country from North to South. This week's indigenous variety is one called Bonda. It sort of sounds like an attractive and sexy brunette but is instead a grape that grows in the Valle d'Aosta. This... Continue Reading →

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