Italian Indigenous Varieties: Grechetto

This week's grape hails is Grechetto  which grows in Umbria but also  in Lazio and Tuscany. The green heart of Italy, Umbria is the home of the Grechetto Bianco grape also called Grechetto di Orvieto. Grechetto produces a lovely white wine with notes of pear and almonds as well as hints of white flowers. It... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Dolciame Bianco (Umbria), Doux d’Henry and Durasa (Piedmont)

Rather than discuss the exciting events of last night's James Beard Awards which I attended for the first time, I am going to continue down my own path and write about this week's Italian indigenous grape varieties. I am putting three varieties together not because they are related but because of limited information on each... Continue Reading →

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