Pignoletto – A Grape To Follow from Emilia-Romagna

Having gone to graduate school in Bologna, I have a soft stop for all that comes from the region. Pignoletto which is genetically similar to Umbria’s Grechetto is an interesting local variety that can be made in different styles. I was happy to try the sparkling version pictured above recently at Vinitaly. This wine was... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Day 2: Sparkling Wines Abound

As Vinitaly moved into its second day, I searched for bubbles from all areas of the peninsula. While Prosecco, Franciacorta and Trento DOC all have their obvious allure, I’m interested in tasting all kinds of sparklers from indigneous varieties and international ones or blends from the various regions. There are no shortage of bubbles to... Continue Reading →

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