Exploring Garganega – Soave

Garganega, a grape variety that hails from the Veneto region is the star of today's post. Garganega is the principal grape used to make Soave, an Italian white wine that we are all familiar with in the United States. According to DNA studies, it is related to Grecanico which is a grape variety widely used... Continue Reading →

Vermentino in its Varied Styles from Liguria to Sardegna

This month's #ItalianFWT is all about Vermentino. It's title is Benvenuto Vermentino, the name of a festival held in the principal growing regions in Italy in June. I've tried to go to the event over the years but with little success, thus far. This year the event takes place in Liguria on June 10-12. There... Continue Reading →

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