Thoughts On Pearl Harbor, Family, Milan

December 7th is always a strange day. On the one hand, I think of Pearl Harbor, the day that will live in infamy and how the USA got into World War II and all that that meant and all the lives that were lost on this day. My great Uncle was at Pearl Harbor. It... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Valtènesi Chiaretto DOC, Il Chiaretto from Azienda Agricola Pasini San Giovanni

Today's wine Wednesday is dedicated to Il Chiaretto from the Azienda Agricola Pasini San Giovanni. The wine is made from a blend of indigenous varieties: Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese. To be a Valtènesi some 50% of the blend must be from Groppello (either Gentile and/or Mocasina). As a grape, Groppello has a thin skin... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Berlucchi ’61 Brut

Guido Berlucchi has always been one of my favorite Italian brands. When I lived in Milan, this was one of two wines on every single restaurant and bar list. If I asked for a sparkling wines, the baristas would always say Berlucchi o Ferrari. I celebrated every occasion with one or the other and got... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Day 4: Lombardy My Love

Vinitaly ended last week but I tried so many wines there that I can probably keep writing about them for the next two months. One building where I spent a lot of time is the Lombardy area in the Palaexpo building. It is the closest one to the entrance, has the sala stampa (press room)... Continue Reading →

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