Winery of the Week: Mannucci Droandi, An Organic Winery From Tuscany

Mannucci Droandi is a winery in the Valdarno area of Tuscany near the town of Montevarchi. The Valdarno is an ancient wine making region and is part of the province of Arezzo. Wine has been part of Arezzo’s history for centuries. The people living in this part of the peninsula were the mysterious Etruscans. An... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week: Pugnitello from Fattoria Santa Vittoria “Leopoldo 2009”

My wine of the week for Wine Wednesday is Pugnitello from Fattoria Santa Vittoria in the Valdichiana region near the city of Arezzo. Pugnitello is a Tuscan grape that has been restored at a number of wineries including Fattoria Santa Vittoria, Agricola San Felice, Azienda Agricola Roccapesta in Maremma and a few others. I first... Continue Reading →

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