Monday Musings: Summer Wines

I posted this picture of mountains because I always see them outside of my window in a plane when I am about to land in Italy. I am going later in the summer to the northern part of the country for my first mountain vacation in the summer. I am more of a beach person but this year I am changing it up. I will be trying the local wines in Alto Adige and Trentino and I am super excited. I love so many of their pure monovarietal wines made from white grapes but I am also partial to their reds which I tend to find fruity with loads of pepper and spice. I am curious to see how I like the mountains in the summer. My only experience there in the summer was a hike up a glacier with a group of friends. The Marmolada it was called, or the Queen of the Dolomites. Are you a mountains in summer person? Tips to share are welcome. Where are you planning on going this summer? When I think of summer wines, I tend to think of those that come from coastal areas but Italy is a place where many people go to the mountains for the summer and drink their local wines. They tend to be lighter and often fermented in stainless steel rather than oak but it does get cooler at night in the mountains and therefore an important red could also be entertained. What are your summer wines? Beach or mountain person that you might be, or city dweller for the duration.

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  1. I share some of your hesitation but, while not unconcerned, I’m going for it! Getting on a plane to Athens this afternoon! Mostly to visit my friends and goddaughter but there will be a stop at a winery or two in the Attica area!

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