Monday Musings: Climate Week & Wine

Ripe Cabernet grapes on vine growing in a vineyard at sunset time, selective focus, copy space

Today’s Monday Musings is about Climate Change. This week is Climate Week in New York. Many conversations are taking place all week at important institutions. Wine isn’t top of mind during many of these but it is on people’s minds as this article from the Atlantic I find today.

I also found this very informative website about climate change and wine. While today’s post isn’t a deep dove in what has happened and how people are dealing with it, be it a change of vineyard location, use of different grapes, higher elevations, more irrigation, or other items that are taking place, it is instead a comment about how much people are now talking about climate and wine grapes. It’s hugely significant that people all over the world in all wine growing regions are focused on it.

About a year and a half ago I did a podcast on sustainability with another wine professional, Sunny Gandara. We spoke to many people about the climate and winemaking. So much has happened since then and so much more attention is being paid to the topic I am happy to see, every journalist and winemaker looking at this topic and how we can improve the climate. It gives me hope.

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