Spirited Sunday: Ukrainian Vodka

This Spirited Sunday post is my way of thinking how to support Ukraine. Buying their products comes to mind and since this is a wine and spirits blog, my thoughts are towards those products. Despite a long and storied tradition of wines, I was hard pressed to find any I could buy.

Vodka on the other hand, was easier to find which makes sense thinking about Ukraine’s position as a producer of wheat. It was pretty easy to find this vodka from Ukraine, Nemiroff. This company has been around since 1872. The vodka is made from wheat, a staple of Ukraine’s agriculture. In terms of flavors, it is quite neutral with notes of earth, grass, and hay.

The importance of Ukraine’s wheat on the global scale cannot be overstated as these two articles suggest. It’s hard not to think about where this will go both for Ukraine but also for the democratic principles I hold dear. Might does not make right, at least it didn’t in the past and shouldn’t now either.

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