Revisiting Ideas About Wine in Cans

Truro Vineyards Wine om Cans

This last day of August I am writing about a winery in Massachusetts continuing with my American wine discovery tour. I am a lifelong visitor of Truro, Massachusetts in the summer. Cape Cod to me is quintessential beach. Despite the invasion of seals and great white sharks in the Ocean, I continue to visit once a year. My most recent trip ended this weekend. Shorter than usual, I was just thrilled to be at the beach, swim in the bay, eat lobster rolls and fried clams and generally not think about anything but sun, sand, water, and wind.

Corn Hill

I have been spending my summers on Cape Cod, specifically in Truro, since I was three weeks old. There were many years when I was absent from the Cape because of my years living in Italy but since I have been back, I have made the Cape a consistent part of my life. I love everything about Cape Cod and it will forever represent the beach to me.

The idea of a vineyard on the Cape seemed impossible when I was young. When I used to come to the Cape there were no vinifera grapes growing. The Roberts family changed that and opened Truro Vineyards in 2007. Through the years I have tried many of their wines including the one that comes in a lighthouse bottle.

Race Point

Maybe it’s the beach or just the pleasure of being in a place I love that made me really want to drink the local wine which now comes in cans. Truro and North Truro sell some pretty sophisticated wines for a beach area but they also have a local vineyard and all the stores carry many of the wines from Truro Vineyards. I kept seeing these two cans and they called out to me.

Truro Vineyards has considerably expanded its offerings to now include a Sauvignon Blanc and a Rose in cans. I bought both and brought them back home.

Again, maybe it’s just the fun of reliving your vacation but I really enjoyed both of them. I have absolutely always been someone interested in wines under traditional packaging closed with a cork. Somehow, even I am changing and seeing the pleasure in a can.

Earlier this year I spoke with Christy Frank, a retailer of long standing, who told me people love cans for camping, being on the river, and everything in between. I am late to the party but certainly more open to it than before. Vacation does wonders for the soul.

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