Monday Musings: Shipping Costs


This week’s Monday musings is about shipping costs in the beverage industry. Prior to the Pandemic, I rarely if every had wine delivered to my home. I receive a lot of samples, often have wine at home from prior events, or I go to a local store. During the Pandemic all of that changed and I waded into the world of online buying.

What I hadn’t bargained for was the shipping costs. I found them exorbitant and hard to understand. Thanks to a couple of people in the industry, it has all become clearer. Christy Frank wrote this piece on the topic earlier this summer and Scott Rosenbaum of Ah So Insights has written about it a fare amount as well.

While I am trying to understand the costs and the dilemma currently underway on the high seas with backed up shipping, I do know that it influences behavior considerably.

Food for thought or better, costs for thought.

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