America The Beautiful

Like so many others, I am glued to the television and have been off and on since yesterday. The egregious assault on the US Capital yesterday, just one day after the historic Democratic win in Georgia has been a roller coaster of emotions. Italian friends have asked if I am afraid. No I am angry that those rioters should have been left to stay in the Capital, take pictures and go home. They should be arrested and tried to the fullest extent of the law. The incredible difference between the treatment of these rioters and protesters this summer after the death of George Floyd is so stark that it must be explained.

It is just shocking that this has happened. I am looking so forward to January 20th, not that I think this will go away anytime soon yet it still does mean a new dawn in America. Since this is a wine blog, I was thinking of how to tie this back to wine. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try a wine from every state in the US. Thus far I have had wines from California, Oregon, Washington (although just a few), Maryland, Virginia, New York, and New Mexico. That leaves 43 states. I am going to try to do this through the end of 2021, a year in which America returns to itself, defeats or at least keeps Covid at bay and gets people back to work. These are my hopes and some of my goals for 2021.

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