Happy Thanksgiving: American Wines That Have Graced My Table This Year

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful most of the time for all that life has provided and on this day, I remember to say it about all the food on my table and all the lovely wines that come into my life. I was thinking of writing about one topic today but then changed my mind.... Continue Reading →

Invitation Post for Wines from Lesser Known Italian regions – #ItalianFWT

For the last month of this year's #ItalianFWT group, we are going to be talking about wines from lesser known Italian regions. Here are a six fun facts about Italy and its geography as a way to get you to think about what impacts each wine growing region and which region you want to write... Continue Reading →

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé

I can’t wait to drink a glass of Beaujolais nouveau today. I’m a big fan of Beaujolais both the nouveau and the crus. Today’s nicer weather makes it a perfect day for Beaujolais.


Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, the third Thursday in November. Today’s wine was the first Beaujolais I had this year. According to French law, this wine made from Gamay grapes can be released at 12:01 a.m., quite soon after the harvest. Many are quite critical of Beaujolais Nouveau and it’s fresh, fruity style. I am not among those who critique this cheerful wine. I’m not going to lay it down either but as with much of life, it’s all about expectations and as we know, that is the key to success in every area. Sante’! Here’s a nice press release on Beaujolais and George Duboeuf who did so much to bring it to our shores. Also an article in USA Today that goes more indepth into this fun day.

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Flooding All Over Italy

So much is happening in Italy right now in terms of flooding that I have decided to feature some of the areas that are most hit. Later today I will write a piece about my recent visit to Venissa - a winery in the Venetian Lagoon on an island called Mazzorbo. The winery is in... Continue Reading →

The Liquid Gold Wines of Lugana, Italy, Meet Mexican Cuisine at NYC’s La Palapa

Great post by Lauren about Lugana and La Palapa. What a treat those dishes were!!

The Swirling Dervish

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of joining a small group of Manhattan wine lovers for a cross-cultural pairing dinner featuring the white wines of Lugana, in northern Italy, and authentic Mexican dishes.

Ghoulish Decor (2) Ghoulish decor at La Palapa – probably a remnant of Día de los Muertos!

Susannah Gold, east coast brand ambassador for Lugana wines, loves to add a spin to traditional pairing menus by pouring her wines with an assortment of spices, flavors, and cooking styles. At one of her recent events, she served Lugana wines alongside traditional Chinese food – a great success, according to all who attended.

When I received the invitation to taste-test the liquid gold wines of Lugana with Barbara Sibley’s highly-rated fare at La Palapa, I responded “yes” right away!

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